Beauteous360 Speakers

Tamara Archer ~

Speaker, Somatic Coach, Health Advocate

Tamara Archer empowers women to realize and own their inherent beauty ~ inside and out. She inspires them to take care of themselves, embrace themselves fully so they share their gifts with the communities they live in and love.

As a busy entrepreneur and mother of two young adults, Tamara knows firsthand the importance of taking care of yourself. She shares her experience of going from flat out exhausted to discovering her own vibrant energy.

Founder of Beauteous360, Tamara is a sought-after speaker, trainer and master somatic coach. She’s a personal development enthusiast, advocates women’s health and wellness, and co-author in Fearless Women; Visions of a New World. Her entrepreneurial spirit blossomed from her diverse professional background and personal challenges and she shares her training and insights with like-minded women who want to be FULL of themselves.

Huda is an award winning image consultant, international speaker and author. She has spoken before thousands of professionals, worked with hundreds of clients, and has appeared on numerous radio and television business talk shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Huda grew up among ambassadors and business executives from around the globe. Her sense of style comes from her experience working in the fashion industry and from having lived and worked in the Middle East, Europe, Canada and the US.

For 25 years, she has been dedicated to having women “be seen”, and creating a unique signature style for them.  Her claim to fame is her holistic approach to image and how people ‘show up’ which goes beyond their physical appearance, but includes their mental, emotional, and spiritual selves as well.


Huda Baak ~

Personal Image Strategist

Misha von Bechtolsheim ~

Owner of MPS & Fitness Expert

Misha is a fully certified Stott Pilates and TRX Suspension Training instructor with an emphasis on injuries and special populations. In addition to offering classes to the general public, professional athletes, expecting and new mothers, young adults, and active seniors, Misha welcomes clients with herniated or bulged disc, spinal fusions, neck trauma, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel, meniscal tears, breast surgery, scoliosis, and other challenges.

Misha’s teachings are heavily influenced by her understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology, enabling her to aid clients in achieving their goals in a healthy, appropriate, and proactive manner. An accomplished dancer, figure skater, and choreographer, Misha has spoken at national and international conventions about injury prevention and the importance of strength and flexibility. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts, Dance and a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Marketing from Santa Clara University.


Mary Welty-Dapkus uses her own highly developed intuition to zero in on issues that help clients accelerate the changes they want in their lives and the clarity they need to take purposeful action. As clients use their insights, they gain confidence in their judgment and trust in their intuitive intelligence which leads to greater clarity of purpose and openness to change.

As a certified life coach and intuitive consultant, Mary shares her knowledge, wisdom and insights whether speaking with Silicon Valley business and tech leaders about Business of Intuition and Cultivating Receptivity, or facilitating her Fresh Intuition Women’s Circle, or working with private clients.


Mary Welty-Dapkus ~

Intuitive Life Coach

Kathy Sturr ~

Interior Designer

Interior Design should be fun, not stressful, and Kathy has created an à la carte style menu of services to help clients start moving forward with their design dreams. Whether it’s a single Designer Download™ session or the complete remodel of a home, her passion and design skill comes through. She’s been voted the Best Designer in Silicon Valley by the San Jose Mercury News Readers’ Choice Awards, 2011-2015, and has proven to make design approachable for everyone.


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Sara Loos holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and had a career working at creative ad agencies in New York and Los Angeles. It was the type of high-profile, sexy career many dream about but she found herself dreaming about something else. Despite the bright lights and brilliant professional future awaiting her, Sara was miserable, confused, unfulfilled…in the dark.

In the process of discovering her authentic self she found her true gifts: the intuitive helping and healing of herself and others. Sara is certified in Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Conscious Language, the Mastery Programs at Robbins’ Institute, and more. The intersection of her religious upbringing, interest in and connection to spirituality and science contribute to the success of her practice as a soul coach and spiritual healer.


Sara Loos ~

Spiritual Healer & Soul Coach

Lisa Watts Smith ~

Spiritual Healer

Lisa Smith has been lighting up Silicon Valley for over a decade. Through event planning and spiritual healing, Lisa creates amazing experiences for individuals and groups which transform and inspire. Lisa’s work is experiential with a drive to teaching you how to engage with your higher purpose on a deeper level, allowing you to experience yourself in a whole new way.  Lisa knows and understands the importance of connecting with your heart, and nourishing your spirit in order to be able to execute on any business and personal platform.  Lisa facilitates alignment in all the different facets of life – business and personal – helping you bring peace of mind to your community.  She creates powerful intentions in all of her business interactions which always produces successful outcomes – consequently, she has earned a rock solid reputation for moving people past their barriers.


Michele is passionate about helping women find greater peace and clarity in their lives. She combines crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and Reiki energy to nourish physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her clients feel vibrant, grounded, and empowered.

Reiki Master, Crystal Bowl Sound Healer, Theta Healer, Biofield Tuner, Hypnotherapist, and Physical Therapist

Michele Kasper ~


Nessia Starr

Hula Hoop Dance Instructor & Holistic Health Coach

Nessia Starr began her hooping journey in 2010 when she picked up her first oversized hoop and felt pure happiness.  Since then she’s taken an active role hosting events and teaching classes all over the South Bay Area.  Nessia loves helping people transform not only their physical bodies but their mind & spirit through the movement of hoopdance. Nessia incorporates her skills, knowledge and passion in nutrition, organization, and movement arts to help others live well-rounded, healthy and inspired lives.