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Catherine Houdek, CPCC

by beauteous360_thooep on February 8, 2016 Comments Off on Catherine Houdek, CPCC

There are many things I admire about Tamara.  Most specifically is her veracious appetite for learning.  She spends her time, money and energy expanding her awareness and stretching her way of thinking and being.  I never cease to be amazed by the classes she has taken or various disciplines she has trained in.  That is why I am so excited for her as she launches her new business Beauteous360.  Tamara pulls learning from her diverse and engaged life and shares it willingly in a way that is raw, authentic and with a fantastic sense of humor about her own journey. Join her.  She has nuggets to offer each of us.”

beauteous360_thooepCatherine Houdek, CPCC