You’re in the right place if you:

  • value personal development, lifelong learning, and connecting in community

  • need to reinvent yourself after a transition like a new job or career, marriage or divorce, a baby or empty nesting, the loss of a loved one etc.

  • are looking for simple useful tools to empower yourself

  • want to be radiant and fully you ~ without apology

  • and just sayin' ~ whether you've known me years or just a bit you know I bring authenticity, quality, and value to everything I do! :o)

Beauteous360 provides integrated empowerment workshops for women like you. Whether you seek to enhance your mind, body, spirit, or home, we have an amazing workshop for you. Beauteous360 supports a community of women embracing health and wellness, self-acceptance, and self-celebration.

360 is holistic, full circle, and 3-dimensional

It’s self-care from the inside out and the outside in. Your internal health (mental, emotional, and physical) manifests in your exterior Self. And your external being (how you look, feel, and act) informs your internal Self. It’s all interconnected. It’s your FULL self.

Beauteous360 creates the space to immerse yourself in powerful and evocative conversations. We focus on rich and valuable content with synergistic tools, practices, and the power of community. Other women have experienced the same challenges and stages as you ~ and have come through the other side. Beauteous360 creates the opportunity to learn and grow from shared wisdom.

Come tap in.
It does take a village.

Our Philosophy

When you own and tap into your inherent, indelible beauty, you feel happy, confident, sexy, present.

Women are nourished and refreshed in community and returning to the well helps you stay connected and take care of yourself and others. Community is vital to your well-being, happiness, and capacity. Taking time for you is not selfish, it is essential.

Be nourished, refreshed, and empowered at the WELL of our community. Come join us!

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